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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Messages of thanks from our parents and pupils during the recent lockdown

School have been excellent in all the support, curriculum & resources provided. We have been able to do things in our own time.


The school has been very supportive.  Both parents work full time and the Teacher has never pushed us to have it done by certain day or time and there if we need help.


We have enjoyed completing the home schooling with (pupil) and have been amazed at the amount of feedback and support we have been given. However we are aware we are in the fortunate position of having time and resources to complete everything. We are really pleased that recently some tasks have allowed him some interaction with classmates, letter and vlog as he is missing the social aspect of school. It's a really hard job for teachers getting remote education out, particularly to (pupil)'s age group, and we have been very pleased with the support you have offered.


Teachers have been very understanding that we cannot always keep to schedule due to work or sibling commitments and it takes a great deal of stress out of home learning.


Seesaw is a great learning tool. Easy to use and great to see videos of the teachers.... makes it feel like they are at school.


The school's platform Seesaw is an extremely and effective way of home schooling. I too am able to learn things again!


The teachers have provided a good amount of work. and we have had support all the way through


Thank you for your continued help and support. All of the staff have been amazing.


School has been so helpful with regarding what's going on around the world and kept up to date with news letters.


You have all worked so hard, we feel (pupil) has been very lucky. He has made great progress and the lines of communication are excellent so we feel confident both in the feedback and that Mrs Spence will know exactly where to pick up with (pupil) on his return.  Thank you


The support from this teacher has been over and above. Mrs Spence is a superstar


Much much better that there are set classes throughout the day, less pressure.


You have all done an amazing job at the school. Well done!


All teachers and staff have been doing an amazing job throughout and applaud all for efforts and support during this time.


I would like to thank all the teachers at the school for their hard work and support they have given my son we are so great full.