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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Weekly ideas to help - weeks 1 and 2

Morning all.

I have got a few suggestions below for this week for you and your little one.

Please do not feel you have to do all of them as I know and understand the pressures and anxieties that are around due to this situation.

If anything, please just share a story, a song, a dance and a cuddle or three. I hope they do help.


This week...

  • Look at, share and read the poem with your child. The poet and illustrator is a lady called Shirley Hughes.                                             What is their favourite part? Why? Can you hear any rhyming words? Can you remember any of the lines?
  • Bulbs - look at bulbs, talk about bulbs, plant bulbs, draw bulbs, handle bulbs, plant onions, garlic
  • Sticks - make a collection of sticks in jars or piles. Count them (use your number cards to help and match), sort them by length, width, touch, go "out and about" and measure with them (find objects that are the same length, longer than or shorter than). Can they make a secret path with their sticks.
  • Make a stick man / a stick spring fairy /  a stick scarecrow using sticks, leaves, grass, petals, daisies
  • Use anything that makes a mark to draw a flower / tree / bulb etc. Use sticks in mud, pens, biros, chalk ...anything! Look for the lines, lengths and shapes that you can see to help you draw.
  • Read or share spring stories e.g. "Hooray for Hoppy" by Tim Hopwood, "Percy the Park Keeper; A Springy Day" by Nick Butterworth," When Will it Be Spring?" by Catherine Walters
  • Find different sized pots. Fill them, order them, explore what sounds can be made on them. Make a tune. Fill them in the bath, fill them outside with stones / mud. What do you notice? Which holds more? Which is heavy or light?
  • Have fun!


ng sound

Use the phonic flashcard of ng. Play hide and seek with it. Paint or draw or make a thing on a string. Find ng words in bookes, comics, newspapers, shopping lists, recipes etc Collect sound or action words with ng in them and make a song or dance e.g. bang, sing, fling, ting etc