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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Summer 2 Week 2 8.06.20

Hello wonderful Willows!

What bubbly fun you've had this week! I hope you helped to tidy up!  I have loved seeing all your home learning this week.You really are superstars! yes

Enjoy celebrating your hard work. 

Mrs Smith heart



Hello willows!

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Hello wonderful Willows!

Did you have fun causing a commotion last week? I hope you did! We are still continuing with our underwater theme and there is lots more fun to be had.

This week our story is Tiddler the storytelling fish by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Do you know any other stories that are written by these authors? Take a look:

Tiddler the storytelling fish

Think and Talk

Did you spot the rhyming again? Great job! Talk to your parent about it.

Which ‘story’ of Tiddler’s did you like the best? Why?

During the story Tiddler’s stories were not true. We sometimes call this ‘telling a tale' or 'a fib’. Have you ever told a tale before? I know I have but I try not to do it now!

We met lots of sea creatures in the story. Can you remember their names? Make a list of the ones you remember if you like.  

Can you remember what happened at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the story?  Draw a picture or write a sentence to show your understanding. (Resource available if you wish)

Think about the moment when Tiddler was caught in the net. How do you think he was feeling and why? You could write a speech bubble for Tiddler or act out what he might have said or thought.

If you could dream up your own adventure, where would you go and what would you do? Draw a picture to show me if you like.


Play ‘Chinese whispers’ with your family members in your household-Did the message change?

You can see lots of bubbles in the illustrations (and you would definitely see lots if you went diving under the sea).

I want you to have lots of fun exploring bubbles! How can you make bubbles? How can you make big or small bubbles?

Explore making bubbles and perhaps have a go at bubble printing or making your very own bubble wands! (see the video and pictures below for inspiration)

Remember to take lots of pictures!

Mister Maker | Bubble Printing Make

Bubble Wands!

Tiddler sees some flying fish on his journey. Take a look at the video to find out more about them.

Life - Flying Fish


Can you make up your own story for why Tiddler was late one day? Write it down or draw your idea.

Tiddler was busy dreaming up an excuse as to why he was late and ended up getting caught in the fisherman’s net. His class were worried and thought he might be lost. Can you create a ‘Missing’ poster for Tiddler?  Draw a picture and describe him.

Draw, paint or make an underwater scene. What creatures would you see? What colours wand creatures would you see?  (see pictures for some inspiration)


Number and Capacity

Continue to practise your accuracy in counting with the resources below. Can you add and find the total number of sea creatures?

Experiment with capacity using water  (You could use food colouring to make it more fun and sea like). Use different container sizes or bottles and label them using words like: full, half full, nearly full, empty, nearly empty, almost full. Can you order the capacities from empty to full?

Or, if you are still feeling creative, print or draw bottles and decorate them (as shown in the picture below)

Creative capacity

Keep it up!

Please remember to read regularly to an adult and enjoy story time.

Practise your speed sound phonics using the slides on the weblinks below.

Use the slideshows to go through all sounds. These could be written on pieces of paper and hidden round the house for them to find or you could use them as flash cards and splat them with a water or nurf gun!

IXL-Remember to practise your maths skills too.