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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Summer 2 Week 3 15.06.20

Hello Wonderful Willows, 

Welcome to our celebration of you learning at home and at school. You are all superstars!


Hello Wonderful willows!

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Find out our new story for the week 😊

It’s time for more bubble fun this week as we look at our new story:

Barry the Fish with Fingers by Sue Hendra

Take a look!

Barry The Fish With Fingers by Sue Hendra

Think and Talk

Did you like the story? What did you like best?

Barry was ‘no ordinary’ fish. What does that mean?

Barry had many special skills in the story-We sometimes call these ‘talents.’ Can you remember some of the special things Barry could do? Talk about the special skills and talents that you have. Can you write about them or draw and label the picture?

Puffy the pufferfish was good at blowing bubbles (a bit like Willows children last week!) Can you think of some words to describe the bubbles? Use the template if you wish.

How did Puffy the Pufferfish feel when Barry the Fish came along? Why did he feel this way? Have you ever felt like this before? Can you draw a picture or write when you have felt this way before?

Puffy explains that he was a 'grumpy spoilsport'. What is a spoilsport?

Discuss the feeling ‘jealousy’ with your family and talk about when we might feel this way.

How did Barry save Puffy the puffer fish?

Optional resources to use for 'think and Talk' section


One of Barry’s amazing skills was finger painting. Have a go at using only your fingers to create a painting. You could make a sea/ocean picture or anything you like!

See the video for inspiration: 

❤️ Finger Paint Aquarium

Barry was great at cutting too! Have a go at improving your cutting skills to create a seaside scene (see resources below)

Or perhaps try using your cutting skills to make paper chain fish.

Continue to explore bubbles-Can you use a sock to make a bubble snake like Arthur did? 

Optional resources for 'Explore' section


Can you create some new finger puppets for Barry to use?

Use this program below to create new animals:

Take a picture ready to show me your silly and funny creations! Have a look at the one I made!

Mrs Smith's new silly creature! What should I name it?

Now that you’ve had a play with this, can you create a new fish or sea creature that has different body parts of other creatures? Draw me a picture and label it. I can’t wait to see them!

Create your own puffer fish art work using objects around the house. The pictures below show using a fork and a spiky ball. 

Barry decides to have a party to celebrate. Could you design and write a party invitation from Barry to the other fish? Use the template if you wish.

Try organising your own little party in the house or garden. Create and help to prepare an interesting dish that Barry and his fish friends would enjoy too. Send me a picture!

Optional resource for 'Create' section

Puffer fish art



There are many patterns that can be found under the sea. Use the resources below to discuss and describe the patterns you see.

Can you make a new scarf for Puffy the Pufferfish using some repeated patterns? I know you have looked at colour patterns before with Mrs Spence-perhaps create some shape patterns. A great time to explore the names of shapes too!

Explore under the sea patterns further using the resource below. What comes next? How do you know?


Keep it up!

Please remember to read regularly to an adult and enjoy story time.

Practise your speed sound phonics using the slides on the weblinks below.

Use the slideshows to go through all sounds. These could be written on pieces of paper and hidden round the house for them to find or you could use them as flash cards to encourage them to read them quickly. 

IXL-Remember to practise your maths skills too.