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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Summer 2 Wk 5 29.06.20

Wow Beeches! It looks like you had a super time with your learning at School and home. Well done and enjoy celebrating your fantastic efforts. For an extra special treat, take a look at Daisy's video (web link below) where she managed to teleport herself to the beach! Well done Daisy. It is fab!

Mrs Smith heart

Daisy goes to the beach! Click on the weblink below to take you to the video.

It's back to one of my favourite places...The Seaside. Unfortunately we have missed out on our seaside trip this year but we can still have some fun with this week's learning activities. Don't forget the BBC Bitesize website to touch base with English and Maths lessons for your year group.

Have a great week!


Lucy and Tom at the Seaside

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