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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Summer week 5

Look at this!

I love seeing what you are doing as well as your smiley faces! laugh

I love those ladybirds and look at that writing!

Who won the ladybird adding game? Did you like the stories?


This week we will be exploring

and learning about ...


Do you know who wrote this story?

What is the author's name?

Listen to the story and have a chat with your grown up about what happened and why.

The Bad Tempered Ladybird

By Eric Carole Published by Puffin

  • Think about what makes you feel bad-tempered and what makes you feel good or happy.
  • Draw a picture and write a sentence to match your picture - send it to me to see.
  • Remember our cardboard cut out speech bubbles? Can you make one?

     On one side write something you would say if you were feeling grumpy or fed up.

     On the other side write something you would say if you were feeling kind or happy.

Watch this clip about ladybirds.

Can you draw and write about something that you have found out?

Minibeast Adventure - Ladybirds

  • Can you make a symmetrical ladybird?

       Think how we made a butterfly by painting one half on paper then folding it over,  

       pressing down and opening it up again.

       What do you notice about the ladybird's pattern and number of spots?

  • Play the ladybird game ( see resources below)
  • Can you use fingerprints or draw the doubles on the ladybird? (see resources below)
  • Can you make your own doubling ladybird?


Make a paper plate or cardboard clock.

Can you put the numbers in the correct place?

Can you divide your clock in half or quarters? 

Can you use your clock to match the times in the story?

  • Get creepy-crawly crafty!
  • Make a toilet roll ladybird (see resources below). 
  • Paint a pebble to create a family of ladybirds - use different sizes and different spots.


  • Can you and your grown up share the powerpoint about Ladybirds?