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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

All About Me

We looked at measuring this week - building houses that we could fit in to, rockets that would take us to space, measuring how many feet long we were and comparing longer and shorter than. 

We also made and designed our own paper buckets. We hope they will be filled with kind and caring words and phrases said to us by others. 

This week we have been learning how to keep happy and healthy.

Much fun has been had with Go Noodle!

We also wanted to find more about out our bodies so some skeletons came to visit with a bag of bones!

Our baby clinic has also been a busy place to be.

So many babies needing feeding, changing, washing and checking! 

On Friday we had a wonderful wet weather welly walk!

There was a lot of splashing, jumping and paddling in puddles as well as seeing which size and shape leaf was the best for boat sailing!

We have started our topic this week which is “All About Me!”

We have explored the different things that we like and can do.

We also named different parts of our body and explored how exercise is good for us.

Willows have also been finding out how important it is to listen to others and be kind and thoughtful to our friends.

Keep an eye out for our portraits! They are amazing!