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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Summer 2 Week 5 29.06.20

My goodness Willows! You have been SUPER busy again! It looks like you have had great fun with your learning at school and home. Well done!

Enjoy celebrating your hard work and effort. 

Mrs Smith heart


Hello wonderful Willows,


Let’s go and visit the seaside! Oh I really wish we could!

Take a look at what Lucy and Tom get up to in our story this week:


Lucy and Tom at the Seaside

This classic story, takes Brother and Sister, Lucy and Tom on a trip with their parents to the seaside. Full of their excitement and the charm of the seaside...

Think and Talk

How did Lucy and Tom prepare for going to the seaside?

What food did they get ready for the picnic? What would you pack in your picnic? Can you draw me pictures of what might go in your picnic basket and label them? Perhaps you could help make something healthy at home with the help of your parents and enjoy a picnic in the garden.

What activities did Lucy and Tom get up to at the seaside?

Can you remember what Tom found in the rock pool?

What do you like doing when you go to the seaside? (or what would you like to do) Can you draw me a picture to show me?

What would you pack ready for a seaside trip? Can you write me a list?

What might you wear? Can you draw me an outfit of what you would wear to the beach? Label it.


What animals might you find in a rock pool habitat? Take a look at the video below and draw me a picture. Can you tell me something about this creature? 

Or, make small book of the animals and remember to take it to the seaside next time you go.

Lucy makes a face in the sand. If you are lucky enough to have sand at home, what pictures and patterns can you make in the sand?


Design your own sandcastle. Draw a picture of what you would want your castle to look like. What would you use to decorate it? You can use the template below if you like or draw your own.  If you’re lucky enough to have some sand you could have a go at making your design!

If you enjoy cutting, use the activity below to make your own sandcastle by cutting the shells and flags you wish to choose.

Do you have any shells? You can use them to make pictures, patterns or even paint them!  

Make your own ice-cream with a couple of food bags, ice, salt, cream or milk, sugar or icing sugar and flavourings of your choice! Instructions are below. 

Alternatively, make some fruit ice lollies using the recipes signposted on the resources list.

shell painting

How to make ice cream in a bag!

How to make fruit ice lollies


Can you set up your own ice cream shop? Practise using 1p and 2p coins (and 5p/10p coins if you wish to extend) to pay for your ice creams. How would you pay for an ice cream that costs 5p? 8p? 12p?

Try out some more Ice cream maths with pompoms, small cherry tomatoes or grapes. Cut out some ice cream cone shapes from paper & write a number on each one. Use some kitchen tongs to move the pompoms, tomatoes or grape to make the ice cream scoops on the top. This is great for number recognition & counting. You can extend this by adding the ice cream scoops of two ice creams together and writing the number sentence.

Phonics Focus

Keep on practising to recognise your digraphs qu, ch, sh, th, ng. Practise recognising these digraphs and blend them in words. 'sh-e-ll' for shell. You can use bbc bitesize site to remind yourself of the videos.

Use the Phonics play website and have some fun (the site is still free at the moment). Practise using the sounds you know with some of the writing activities below.

Loving the seaside theme? Then here is a document below with lots of EYFS Summer themed activities. If you would like one sent to you, then let me know. 

Mrs Smith

A Summer themed Activity Book to keep you busy!