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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!


From planting the seeds, to growing the seedlings, to planting the plants and watering them, we harvested our radishes yesterday and used them in our salads!

We discovered some cold, hard, slippery and solid things in our room today. They were frosted frozen spheres! 

We touched them, explored them, added salt and warm water to see what happened.

Then we chipped and tapped away to discover something trapped inside!

Last week we followed a recipe to make strawberry milkshake ice lollies. 

We poured the liquid ingredients into lollipop moulds and put them in the freezer for a few days. When we looked today, they had turned into a solid lolly and changed shape! The mixture felt different too - it wasn’t runny. But inside our mouths the lollies melted and felt runny again. 

All of these discoveries made us want to make our own mould that we could pour a liquid into and put somewhere freezing cold.

Willows had a “Water Explore” day today.

Take a look at how much enjoyment we had! Just look at our faces! 

We listened to 2 poems by Shirley Hughes and talked about the words she uses to describe water.

Next, we explored how water moves and then wrote our own water words to describe what we had found out. Great words like splatter, sprinkle, pour, flick, drip, splosh and, of course, splash.

We also experimented with writing and drawing using water, trying to move a sailboat along drainpipes and working together in teams to create a water relay game - not to mention playing it. Finally, we sprinkled and sprayed water, including squirting Mrs. Spence, with the squeeze bottles!

One of our challenges today was to work as a group to create a boat using the crates. We talked about the shapes that could help us and Mrs. Spence drew a plan or diagram on the chalk board using our ideas. We then had to work together to place the crates to match the shapes in the plan.

Then we added a plank to walk on, a Captain’s seat, a rudder, a couple of cabin boys to sweep the deck and a telescope! 

Splish, splash, splosh!

We were all at sea this week when our classroom had turned into an ocean!


Still image for this video

The ship building yard was open this week as many a boat was built!

Our enhanced provision led us to create a boat made from crates, treasure map making, small world sea life and exploration of water with drainpipes, funnels and jugs.

Ahoy there Shipmates!