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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Larches 2018-19 Year 3 & 4

Children in Key Stage 2 who read at least three times a week for the past few weeks had Afternoon Tea with Mr Manning!

We welcomed Daxa to our school on Thursday 6th June. Daxa taught Larches about Hinduism through music and dance.

Wow! It is already 2019, this year is flying by.


Talking of flying, we will need passports this term as we go 'Up, Up and Away' with our new topic for this term. We will be taking a look at our wonderful planet Earth. We have already had so much fun looking at Google Maps, do have a play with it at home if you can, hours of fun visiting countries all over the world from your armchair!


I have already given out new homework diaries and really hope you will continue to share your learning with your families at home.


PE is on Monday and Thursday this term, please make sure you have warm PE kit for outdoor games on Thursdays, it really can be very cold despite all the running around you will be doing, you will need long trousers and a warm sweatshirt or hoodie. After half term you will be swimming on Mondays.


I am looking forward to another fun packed term of learning together.


Mrs A smiley

We went 'mummy crazy' and even mummified a tomato! The results were incredible, they lost half of their weight in 2 weeks! Mrs B wants to throw them away but I want to see how long they last. It's been about 3 months so far and the un-mummified one is almost gone, there is just a lump of mould left, yuk! The mummified ones are rock hard, I wonder how long they will last...

Incredible clay Canopic Jars, you really impressed me with your coil pot building skills and freehand modelling techniques.

Wonderful Egyptian costumes, well done Larches!

Headline News!

Larches are true artists. I absolutely loved their harvest artwork.

Wow, what an amazing Roman experience!