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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Transitioning back to school after coronavirus

This part of the website is aimed at helping  children to start transitioning back to school in September 2020.


The school experience may be  different from the place we all left back in March. The content below will hopefully help children and parents navigate through this uncertain time.


Please contact me if you need any advice or guidance with the any of it. 

Social story explaining social distancing

Social Story focusing on the differences when children return

Simple social story to help children prepare for returning to school

Social story for older children about retuning to school

Social Story to help understand the use of PPE

Informative booklet from the Advisory Teaching Service

Sheet to help children reflect on their experiences whilst they have been away from school

Sheet to help children consider the intensity of their recent experiences, and how they feel about it

Children's book about coronavirus