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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Firs C&I Centre 2019-20

Monday 13th July

Last week of term!


Hi folks! Well here we are in the last week of term. And what a term! I've added what will be the last home learning ideas sheet before the summer - and hopefully the last one ever! We should all be back to school in September and back to our routines. 

Thank you all, children and parents, for your patience, understanding and support - it means a lot!

Celebration of Home Learning and Activities!

Summer Term 2!

Hi Everyone, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and spending lots of time outside!

This term our home learning topic will change to give you some new ideas and experiences.

We are going to be thinking about our weather! Sound boring? Well wait and see..

Check the home learning page for ideas and resources, and remember to send me some lovely photos!

Mr W smiley


Links to resources and websites to support children with SEND


Here are some links to websites that might be of use in supporting children with SEND:

Summer Term!


Hi everyone, today is the start of the summer term. Hopefully you've all had a good Easter and have had lots of time to rest and eat chocolate! smiley

This term our topic is Wonderful Water! I will be sending out ideas for home-learning to indiviudal families, and I'll be adding more general ideas to the homework section below. 

Remember, do what you can, when you can - and don't let it be stressful. 

Feel free to email me on if you need anything specific. 

Easter Holiday!


Hi All,  believe it or not we were supposed to break up today! I hope you are all well and staying safe. 

Below are some links to differnet Easter activities you might want to do over the next couple of weeks. 

I will add more links and work to the homework section in a couple of weeks. I might also send specific work to individuals. 

Take care all!!

Keeping in touch!


Hi Folks - we are in to the second week of school being closed. Hopefully you've been finding plenty to do, and have found some of the activities and links on this website helpful. 

Remember, keep tasks short and focused, and have as much fun as possible! 
If you want to make contact, send photos or scans of anything you've done - there is now a C and I Centre email address:

Feel free to use it!

Check the link above for more resources, or look out for things sent to you specifically via email.

Take care! smiley

Spring Term 2 Topic Web



Welcome to 2020... We are really looking forward to the new year, and are all ready to learn!

Have a look at our new topic web below:

Firs Spring 2020 topic overview

Meeting Santa at Clearwell Caves!

Christmas jumper day in Firs 🎅🏻

THANK YOU CAFE NERO in Monmouth!!! You were brilliant 😊

Monmouth museum and social skills trip - Dec 2019

Pirate role play...Arrrr!

Longer and Shorter! 👍

Fantastic narrative retelling of our pirate story 😊

Autumn Term 2019

Welcome back to the C and I Centre after a refreshing break.

Our topic this term is 'Pirates!' We will be learning lots of pirate facts, including the history of pirates, and about their lives at sea. 

We will continue to do our group work based around social and communication skills, including social skills, emotional regulation, life skills, and preparing for transitions to other schools in the next year or two.

Please see below of our current curriculum map/topic web.

Autumn term topic 2019