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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Summer week 3 VE day

This week is a special week.

It is VE day (Victory in Europe) on the 8th of May.

A time for families to be together, to celebrate hope, to think of others and to eat, dance and sing!

(Quite appropriate at the moment too.) 

So will you join me and see if we can make our own Willows Street Party?

Even though we are not together,

we are in each other's hearts.

Send me a photo and i can put them altogether to make a street (house) party slide show!

Below are lots of suggestions that I hope you can have fun with.




Peepo! By Alan Ahlberg


Listen to the story "Peepo!".

It is about a little baby with his family.

But look at the pictures....

  • What do you notice that is different to you?
  • What can you see happening?
  • Can you spot some interesting objects? Why are they interesting?
  • What things are the same to you and your family?
  • Have a chat with your grown up about them and the story.

I've put some more pictures into a slide show for you underneath the story video.

Allan Ahlberg reads from Peepo!

Peepo!, 'the best book ever published for babies' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2011. Watch as Allan Ahlberg reads from this...

Picnic Party Planning!


  • Get ready for a family picnic in the garden or in the kitchen.

         Will you put tables and chairs outside like in the photographs? What can you see in the photos? How do the children


        One photograph is from the VE celebrations in Gloucester. (See resources below)

  • Can you invite your teddies or dolls to join you instead of your neighbours? What would they eat? Do they need a party hat? Can you make one? What shape will it be? A cone? A triangular one?
  • Make an invitation for them telling them where and when your party picnic is happening.
  • Make some bunting and decorate it. You could use red, white and blue or draw pictures of happy times and special people on it. You could make a repeating pattern. Can you hole punch and thread it to hang up?
  • Bake a cake (there are a couple of recipes below) and make some sandwiches.
  • Can you weigh the ingredients? Can you read and count the measurements?
  • Can you cut, chop, slice, spread, mix?
  • Make another fruit salad.
  • Can you make a menu? Draw and write what you will be having. Decorate it.
  • Can you cut the sandwiches or cake in half? quarters? How many pieces are in a quarter?
  • Use a camera or something that takes photos to take pictures of your picnic party
  • Can you find out what the British Flag is called? What does it look like? What colours can you see? Can you see a pattern? 
  • Make your own flag using a stick and some paper and colours. 
  • Listen to some of the music that would have been listened to (scroll down for music clips)
  • Can you make a dance up to match the music?
  • Choose some music that you would like at your picnic. Play it at the picnic time. Get Mummy or Daddy to dance with you!



MUSIC! Take a listen. Have a dance!


Glenn Miller And His Orchestra - Three Little Fishies

The Andrews Sisters - Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel) 1939

Artist - The Andrews Sisters & Glenn Miller Orchestra Album - The Chesterfield Broadcasts (1939-1940)

Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

From the album: We'll Meet Again