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Our amazing children and staff welcome you to our school!

Summer 2 Week 7 13.07.20

 A very quiet and final celebration for Willows this week. I think you are all worn out (and rightly so!)

Wishing you all a wonderful Summer, 

Take care and keep safe.

Mrs Smith heart 

Welcome to our final week wonderful Willows! It's going to be another warm week so I have planned some water fun for you:


Ahoy me hearties! Shiver me timbers!

This week we are going to exploring Floating and Sinking through the theme of pirates!

Take a look at Messy and his friends when they decide to be pirates for the day: 


Captain Messy is playing pirates with his toys in a bowl of water 'the seven seas' but why does his rubber duck float instead of sink?

Think and Talk:

What happened to the boat?

Do you think the rock would make a good boat? Why/why not? 

The feather floated so why wouldn't it make a good boat?

What materials do you think would be good to make their new boat? Why?

What happened in the end? 

What material would you like to make a boat out of?

If you could be a pirate for the day, what would you do?



Ask an adult to help you collect things from around the house that you can put in a bowl of water, paddling pool or in the bath. Talk about whether you think the things you collect will float or sink. Investigate by putting them in water. If something is floating can you make it sink? Make a list of things you found that float and things you found that sank. Did anything surprise you?

Have a go at one (or as many as you like)  exciting floating and sinking experiments: Can you talk about what you think is going to happen? Make a prediction for each one and say what you found out. (You can find the link to these below)

• Floating Ball Game

• Floating Ice Boats

• Bobbing Bouncing Raisins

• Layered Liquids


Experiments exploring Floating and Sinking


•Ask a grown up for some coins. Which ones do you recognise? Can you find any numbers you know? Float a large orange or lemon in a bowl of water. Now try to balance a coin on top without it falling into the water. How many coins did you manage to balance? How much money were they worth?



The lemon challenge and Make a foil boat

Why not try using 2p coins. How much money does it take before sinking/capsizing?

Have a go at creating your own treasure map. Perhaps you or an adult could hide some treasure to find in the house or garden. Can you follow the map to where X hides the spot? 

Can you make your own pirate hat or sword and act like a pirate? 

Number and Shape

Can you be a nice pirate and share out the treasure equally? Practise sharing items equally (treasure) around your home. Is it fair? 

What 2D shapes can you see in the pirate picture? Can you find things in your home or garden that are shaped like a square, rectangle, circle and triangle? How do you know they are these shapes? 

Continue to practise your recognition of coins. Ask an adult to hide some coins around the house or garden. How much money did you find?

Phonics Focus

Revisit set 1 and 2 sounds. Be a pirate and search for the 'real treasure' in the Buried Treasure game. Are the words real or fake (nonsense)? Click on the website below to play the game. Can you read the sh, ch, qu, th and nk words?

Want to practise your writing? Use the resource below to write a sentence about each pirate picture.