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Welcome to the website of Ruardean Church of England Primary School, Gloucestershire. Mr Manning, Headteacher


Our Curriculum Statement




Ruardean is a small rural village in an area of rural deprivation where youth unemployment is 2.8% compared with 0.9% across England.    Our ‘Curriculum Drivers’ have been devised based on the needs of our children in Ruardean.  They will drive the skills, knowledge and attributes we are striving to develop in our children so they are prepared for their future education and skills for life.  The drivers are;


  • Aspiration e.g. professional visitors to inspire future possibilities, the careers of ex pupils, global knowledge.
  • Contribution e.g. raising money for local charities, involvement in school life with peers, links to our church and community.
  • Exploration e.g. finding out about life in the Stone Age, the culture of the Forest of Dean, enquiring minds.


We strive to ensure that our curriculum promotes the Christian distinctiveness of our Church of England school.  We will deliver our curriculum with creativity and purpose to engage all the children and ensure they make good progress whilst enjoying their time at school.




Our teachers plan creatively from the National Curriculum, 2014 and the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework.  Subjects that are planned separately are:


  • RE – Gloucestershire Religious Education Syllabus (click here to link to the Diocese of Gloucester)
  • PSHE – GHLL Pink Curriculum (click here for more information from GHLL)

It is important to our school to foster key behaviours in our pupils to support them to become successful learners and establish desirable qualities that will stand them in good stead for the next phases of their education and for later life. To this end we invented our Learning Aliens: Creative Vlip, Independent Vlip, Sharing Vlip, Resilient Vlip and Curious Vlip.
We considered the statutory aspects of the National Curriculum other aspects of child development and education that contribute to a well-rounded person.
At the heart of our school are Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development, which is entwined throughout the curriculum (where possible). Many aspects of British Values are taught through our PSHE programme and others we cover as discrete subjects. Our curriculum is ambitious and designed to give all pupils the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. 
We have a focus on History, Geography or Science (EYFS Understanding the World) for each term and bring that under a thematic heading to engage pupils interest. However we know that it is important to include each of the three subjects at other points during the year. Science in particular needs to be on-going. English and Mathematics are included as discrete subjects but the skills taught are revisited across the curriculum.  Knowledge of foundation subjects are also woven into core subjects.
Our curriculum is adapted, designed or developed to meet the individual needs of pupils with SEND.



Subject leaders monitor their subjects at least annually through lesson observations, book scrutiny, learning walks, discussions with children and listening to staff’s views about how improvements can be made.


In Early Years we identify the impact of the curriculum through data analysis, on-going observations and aligned with whole school subject leadership.


Children are assessed regularly which helps the teacher plan the next steps to be taught. At the end of each term assessment data is gathered and progress is checked by the senior leadership team.  This is then reported to governors who question and challenge where progress is not as expected.  Children are expected to make good or better progress in all subjects and this individual progress is tracked and reported to parents and carers at parents evening and on the end of year report.

Whole School Yearly Topic Overview

Curriculum Overviews