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Highlights from our Wellness Week 2017

Wellness Week 2017

Following our highly informative and enjoyable Sleep Awareness Day, the whole school  participated in Wellness Week. The purpose of this week was to provide information and ideas to help improve peoples’ health and wellbeing – thus addressing some of the points highlighted by the Online Pupil Survey. Therefore, the learning was quite different!


We had very exciting timetable of events planned for next week:



Progressive Sports worked with each class on improving our fitness. We are now also arranging for them to lead some after school sports clubs after Easter.



Gloucester Healthy Life and Living team were on site with the NHS Information Bus. Each class worked with the team. Younger children learnt about dental hygiene; Key Stage 2 focused on diet; and there was an additional session on mental health for Oaks class.  NHS Staff remained on site to talk to parents after school and promote the ASAP app.



Children had an introduction lesson to Tae Kwondo and Mr Wadsworth also led some Tai Chi sessions.



Rev Philip and Jonathan Kear joined us for the day, focussing on spiritual well-being. They held meditation sessions with each class.



After Celebration Worship, Caterlink (School Caterers) were on site promoting healthy eating; parents got chance to sample the school meals and  the children tasted a range of fruit and vegetables and explored all the different tastes on the tongue.